“Night Motor are heading in a darker direction with hints of ’80s goth and dark disco” – Louder Than War

On Saturday 6th April, Night Motor’s ‘Don’t Wanna Be Saved’ was played on BBC Introducing South West. Click the image to follow the link.



The new album ‘Vessels’

The band have crawled into the Batcave to record their new album ‘Vessels’. It’s a long player richly infused with darkness; immersed in the gothic subculture, this brings an added density to the narratives of the ten tracks, which traverse loss, death, romantic betrayal, and escapism of the party lifestyle.
The album has a strong sense of foreboding, yet is compellingly positive, as the tunes are carried along by a ridged backbone of dance beats, tumbling toms and four-to-the-floor kickdrum. A frantic pace is maintained, pushing forwards with melodic bass hooks, aching guitars which veer into brash chords, and brooding Moog synth basslines. Upfront and central are the euphoric fevered vocals, which power the lyrical content straight into your flesh and bones.
Recorded in just four days, ‘Vessels’ re-contextualises post-punk grit and grandeur into an immediate and authoritative collection of tracks. It’s a record that has overreached for new and enigmatic heights, abundant with melodic and cinematic textures. A rush of vibrancy and urgency capture the sound of a band blazing through the shadows of the human condition, seeking out the light.

‘Vessels’ by Night Motor will be released on Monday 29 April 2024.

Band Bio

Night Motor are a post-punk band who steer their own vessel in the void. There‘s nothing on trend here, or in favour of what’s hot in 2024. Their sound is built around each member’s own musical loves, from gothic rock to industrial noise, arresting post-punk to quirky odd pop. This steady diet of inspiration fuels the vastness and complexity of Night Motor’s sound, giving them a compelling degree of autonomy.

Mawgan Lewis – Guitar and backing vocals  // Mat McIvor – Vocals // Hans Ralph – Drums and percussion // Marty Coote – Bass // Nina Collyer – Synth


For details contact Mawgan on 07900 657 598
Website www.nightmotor.com
Facebook www.facebook.com/nightmotor
Instagram www.instagram.com/nightmotor/
Bandcamp https://nightmotor.bandcamp.com/

‘Vessels is richly’ infused with darkness; immersed in the gothic subculture, this brings an added density to the narratives of the ten album tracks.